Gold kiwi

I was shopping at Giant and these yellow flesh kiwifruits caught my eye. Usually, I do not like kiwifruit because of the smell, seeds and also the sourness.

But since it is yellow and different, I decided to give it a try. Moreover, I know they will look good if I made konyakku jelly with them. A box of 4 fruits cost RM6.99. The shape is a little bit more oval than the green version.


It comes with a plastic spoon cum knife. Very neat. Just use the knife to cut it into half and scoop out the flesh with the other end which is a spoon.

The verdict? It is very sweet, less seeds than the green ones and my kids finished all the four fruits immediately. It also smell less than the green ones which I found to have some ‘earthy’ smell. Give it a try?

Stuffs I found related to the kiwifruit:

Bite for bite, kiwifruit contains more essential nutrients than 27 of the most popular fruits, as proven by a Rutgers University study, making it one of the most “nutrient dense” fruits in the world.

A new study shows that kiwifruit also has added benefits for the heart. Conducted by the University of Oslo in Norway, the study reveals that eating two to three kiwifruit a day has the same heart-healthy effects as a daily dose of aspirin. And it tastes a lot better too.

More info can be found on Zespri’s site.

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2 thoughts on “Gold kiwi


    (July 27, 2005 - 5:31 pm)

    aiyah, sorry I’m late for your new blog opening! I thought you would still update penangfaces that’s why I keep going there… until I re-read the last post heheh…


    (July 27, 2005 - 5:36 pm)

    Jelly!! Yum yum. Can’t wait.

    It seems to be kiwifruit season as the supermarkets keep having promotions.

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