Convenience of frozen pau (dumpling)

PICT1238 This yummy looking corn custard dumpling (or pau jagung) is as tasty as it looks.

My children loves this version of dumpling and sometimes it is a chore to drive around looking for a shop selling it. They get hungry at odd hours.

So, I experiment around with the various brands of frozen dumpling which can be easily steamed over my rice cooker.

This is the best tasting brand that I find so far. The other brands from bigger companies do not taste as ‘homemade’ as this brand.


Unfortunately, it is not found in bigger hypermarkets. The other acceptable brand is KG Mantou. Keep a pack for convenience!

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1 thought on “Convenience of frozen pau (dumpling)


    (July 30, 2005 - 8:23 pm)

    I have never tasted pau jagung before but it sounds interesting. Thanks for talking about it, guess I will have to search for this brand.

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