Drools….kueh talam and pulut inti

More local kuehs (cake) photos to drool over. I do not know how to make them so please don’t ask for recipes. However, you can google for ‘kueh talam’ and ‘pulut inti’ and there must be plenty of recipes available.

Kueh Talam


It has two layers. The top white layer is made from coconut milk and rice flour. It has no sugar and taste milky. The bottom layer is green in colour. Usually the green colour is derived from the juice of pandan leaves. (picture can be found on my Penang blog). The green part is sweet, made of rice flour and has a bouncy texture which comes from alkaline water. There are good kueh talam and bad kueh talam. The best comes from the Nyonya kueh maker.

Next is the pulut inti…



Pulut is glutinious rice and inti means fillings. The blue rice has its colour from a type of flower calls bunga telang. (hope to find some flowers to take the photo one day). The rice is steamed with coconut milk.


The brown colour filling is desiccated coconut cooked with brown sugar. It is a nice partnership with the blue rice.

Usually pulut inti is sold, wrapped in banana leaves in tiny parcels. The banana leaves gives it a special fragrance.

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2 thoughts on “Drools….kueh talam and pulut inti


    (July 31, 2005 - 7:21 pm)

    Aw, Lilian now I am craving for some pulut inti! That’s my fav Nyonya cake. See, I can’t even type properly as I am hungry for that.

    Makan Kings

    (August 1, 2005 - 3:26 am)


    NICE site!!! Love pulut inti. Actually, love anything that has to do with pulut!

    -Makan Kings-

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