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I remember walking along Milan, Italy small paths and was full of curiousity to see the rows of hair salons. The prices were of course, too expensive for me to try. But I still look with much wonderment because the shops were so classy and chic. It is so Italian.

Therefore, I am bringing today the faces of Malaysian barbers. Hahaha. It is not the trendy ones but the very basic barbers that had thrived.


Malaysia used to have a lot of migrants from India in the olden times. Some of these Indians would go from house to house, village to village to give the villagers a hair cut. I do not remember how much a hair cut costs then. But I do vague remember these barbers.

Nowadays, the barbers no longer make house-calls. They are established with air-conditioned shops and uniforms. However, these barbers only cut male hairs. No women customers for them. I do not know why.


This shop, Brothers in Sungai Dua, next to the USM in Penang has very brisk business. I sometimes bring my children there because their charge is a mere RM5 for younger children and RM7 for adult.

I am those lucky mothers whose children do not make a fuss at barbers. Even from as young as 1 year old, they will behave well.


There are like 10 barbers around so each time, 4 of my children will sit down together and within five minutes, they are done. Isn’t that very economical and saves a lot of time?

However, I do not allow the barbers to use any open edge knife, shavers or anything. Just plain electric hair cutter, very much like a lawn mower. Usual instruction is ‘Kasi pendek, tak mau cukur’ (make it short, no shaving) Crew cut all around.

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2 thoughts on “Indian barber shop


    (July 31, 2005 - 7:50 pm)

    Yeah, Indian barbers are the best. Splashie Boy still goes to his after donkey years.


    (August 1, 2005 - 2:06 pm)

    lucky mom… my boiboi screams and kicks during haircuts. last time he was ok until recently

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