Merdeka series

August 31st is Malaysia’s Independence Day. Do you know that you can get the dates of National Day from the CIA website? Cool ya? From A-Z, all the countries (well, many countries) are listed including independent from who/which country.

Well, actually I wanted to be a little patriotic and learn more about Malaysia. But I doubt I have the time to share everything from 1st August till 31st August.

However, I have re-sized 31 photos of hibiscus which is the national flower of Malaysia to post them here. I will post one each day (well, hopefully). These photos are taken by me, from various locations in Penang. Whenever I have the time, I will slot in some facts about Malaysia.


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    (August 1, 2005 - 8:24 pm)

    That’s a lovely idea. I love the bunga raya and there seems to be so few places that have it.

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