Char Koay Teow


I had blogged for several months but never feature the famous Char Koay Teow. The reason is because I cannot tolerate eating Char Koay Teow!

I don’t know if this is a blessing or what. If I want to eat Char Koay Teow, then I have to wait for an opportunity when my husband agree to help me finish half of the portion. He also cannot tolerate a full plate. If we ate the full plate, most probably we will end up feeling sick and very uncomfortable.

Probably, as our body ages, it knows that it is not something we should be eating so often. Hence, it rejects!

Therefore, if you enjoy Char Koay Teow, eat them NOW! Before your body rejects it! Hahaha.

Currently, there are many Char Koay Teow stalls in Penang that cater to different tastes. Some people like their CKT fried very dark, i.e. with some burnt koay teow. Then, some like it a bit damp. Many people judge their CKT by the size, number and freshness of the prawns. Some insist that CKT only tastes good with duck eggs.

Some hawkers are now using vegetable oil which somehow doesn’t taste as good as the traditional lard. Hawkers who use charcoal fire seems to dish out better CKT. You can see the crackling charcoal and the sparks flying. Some leapt into the wok, giving the CKT extra flavour. Of course, good CKT must be dished up on a plate lined with banana leaves.

Ahh…there is so much that can be written about CKT. In fact, over at the Malaysian Blogger’s forum, someone even have an ode to CKT! Isn’t that special?

I will not review the best Char Koay Teow in this posting. Not yet. If you enjoy this photo, you can log on to my Flickr account and see a full size CKT photo. (just click double click on the photo) Yeah, it covers your whole computer screen! Feel free to save it as your desktop!

Let me find some Malay Koay Teow kerang to feature next time. Meantime, drools….

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  1. mmmmm, delicious, making me hungry already. i need to send you a pic. i want to know the name of this plant and maybe you can help. all i know is the chinese name, but not the english/bahasa name. can u help?

  2. Samm – sure! Why not sign up with a Flickr account and store your photo there? It is free, 20MB per month. No limit on bandwith. You can also join the groups and share you photos, like food group, flower group. It is like a community.

    JxT – Lick the monitor?

  3. Samm – U can add me as contact. I think you just need to click on anyone of my photo, then you find a button call ‘add 5xmom as contact’. I will be notified. After that, you will have the latest stream of my photos. And after I add you, I will also have the latest updates from you.

    Rodney – Come back and enjoy lah. When is your holiday?

  4. Oh, you make me drool again… This is my favourite penang hawker food. in fact, i can eat it everyday without getting sick of it. Now i hv to mop the floor since it’s full of my saliva… 😉

  5. Yeah, my fav food too. I love the Penang ones, they all seem to be much better than KL. Everyone loves CKT, there is a website dedicated to CKT too and this person actually has a rating system to determine what constitutes a great CKT.

  6. i used to frequent this stall situated next to dato keramat’s maybank. the ckt there was a blast !!

  7. Oh god, you made me so homesick, and that’s quite sick to post all the delicious authentic food on your site!!!

    But thanks… at least for those who are not back home, miss all of the good things in M’sia.

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