Fansi thong (best for pregnant moms)


Colourful stuffs we have here. Purple sweet potatoes. Yellow ginger. Green pandan leaves and clumps of brown sugar imported from India.

Unfortunately the cooked soup doesn’t look very appetising. So, I shall just share the recipe here. Pregnant mothers who have flatulence may enjoy this concoction of brown sugar and ginger. It sure drives out the wind from the bloated tummy.

Recipe for sweet potato dessert

One tiny sweet potato (any colour will do) – cut into chunks
Two pandan leaves
A handful of brown sugar (use the traditional type, not the light brown sugar)
A large piece of ginger, peeled and bruised

700 ml of water

Boil all the above till you can smell the fragrant of brown sugar and ginger permeating in the air. Therefore, it is important to cut the potatoes into chunks or they may dissolve when boiled for too long.

Serve hot. Adjust sweetness according to taste. Either add more water or a little sugar.

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  1. boo – No pic ‘cos it looks not so yummylicious as they are all black-black.

    babe – It is taken out from the fridge so condensation caused that.

    Paul – Hahaha.

    Fashionasia – Notty girl!

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