This tiny parcel stores some very yummy, spicy experience. It is wrapped with banana leaves and steamed. One packet costs RM1.80 (depending on location).

It is called the otak-otak. I am not sure why it is called such because otak-otak is translated as brains? in English. Probably because of the mushy mess?


When you open it up, it reveals a parcel of very fragrant paste of coconut milk, spices, chillies, kaffir lime leaves, daun kadok (will post pic next time), fish and some egg.

I have never made otak-otak before. However, my mother would normally steam a whole dish of it which can last as an accompaniment to our rice for days.

Some coffeeshops will sell these otak-otak packets which can be eaten on its own. Just look out for the otak-otak signs. The above otak-otak is bought from the night hawker stalls at the Pulau Tikus market.

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