Northam Cafe (Part One)

Northam Cafe can be labelled as an over-priced hawker centre, providing so-so food. Yet, it is still a nice place to go, once in a while.

Northam Road or Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah has rows of bungalows including the Sultan of Kedah’s holiday home. These are heritage buildings. On the other side of the road, it has gleaming office buildings.


As expected, land price is very expensive and hence, food at Northam Cafe is the same.

But then, you are paying for the beach.


Plus sunset, sea breeze and open air. It is not your usual oily, stuffy, noisy hawker centre. Plenty of parking and tourists too.


There is a wide range of food available. (coming in the next post)

5 Replies to “Northam Cafe (Part One)”

  1. babe – Yeah, you can call it a high class hawker centre.

    boo – That’s right, Ocean Green there. The seafood restaurant there.

  2. go along northam road… turn left when u see car dealers on the left.. before ocean green

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