Cincaluk Chicken


Cincaluk is synonymous with Melaka. But I had never buy any cincaluk when I was in Melaka. It is always from the supermarkets, bottled up hygienically (I hope).

It is one of those foodstuffs which smell can cause a whole plane load of passengers to faint. The kind which Fear Factor is made of. Cincaluk is actually fermented tiny prawns in salt.

One can eat it straight from the bottle. Just add some lime juice, bird’s eyes chillies and sliced onions.

Recipe for cincaluk chicken

2 green chillies – cut length wise
bird’s eyes chillies, if you prefer it hotter (optional)
1 large onion – quartered
2 chicken breasts or thighs – slice into small pieces
1 lemongrass
small amount of tamarind, get the juice
2 kaffir lime leaves (optional)

About 6 tablespoon of cincaluk – to prepare, pour into percolator/sieve and wash with water. This is to remove the saltiness

Some oil

Heat oil and stir fry lemongrass and onion till fragrant. Add cincaluk, chicken and tamarind juice. Let it simmer till chicken is cooked. Taste. Add some sugar, if you prefer. If it is not salty enough, add a little bit more cincaluk.

Serve with hot white rice. Yum… Taste even better if left overnight.

cincaluk chicken

9 Replies to “Cincaluk Chicken”

  1. Mr B – Ei, how can Belacan goes without cincaluk.

    Yvy – Yeah, especially sam chan.

    babe – It is a safer way of eating ‘cos less chance of getting tummy aches.

  2. there.. I’ve gone out and bought a bottle of cincalok to make the cincalok chicken… it looks too tempting la… mebbe i’ll cook it this weekend if not too busy with the positive parenting fair, lilian, u going???

  3. Athene – Dun think so ‘cos we (my parenting group) anti sebab they sold out to formula milk. Hahaha. (Getting sponsorships from formula milk company is a no-no where breastfeeding movement is concerned.) Hey, we the bloggers and friends are meeting this Sunday Gurney Plaza 2pm at Coffee Beans. If you are around, pop by la.

    boo – Here we get those bottled ones with brands like Selat Melaka etc. Never heard of Bibik Chik. Will look out for it.

  4. lilian, aiyah… wa bizniz lor… wa supply the logistic for the PR company handling their account. so wa have to oversee the setup & stuffs.

    I know they get ‘unconditional study grant’ from abbot now, last time it was dutchlady —> the pr ppl spend the whole of this week visiting kindergarten to do this so call ‘funtime’ with the kids, in reality promoting the abbot grow milk!

    mebbe you should attend the seminar tomorrow just to stir a few hornet nest, the president of MPA will be there, so will some of the big kahunas of the association… i could do reconnaisance work you? 🙂

  5. yeah, i know about the gathering on sunday, in fact i double checked the time & date this morning. will try to make it, both partner-in-crime & me are really looking forward to meeting you! looks like i shall have to move my babysitting duty to tomorrow lor…

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