Bowling for kids


One of the activities that my children never miss when in Kuala Lumpur is to go bowling. Although we do have bowling alleys here in Penang, their favourite is Cosmic Bowl at MidValley.

The reasons are:
1) The balls and pins glow in the dark (only at night and during weekends, higher rates apply)
2) The loud music (that can kill me)
3) The bumpers guarding the gutter

Therefore, they never get a ‘longkang’ ball, no matter how bad their bowling skills are.


These are not cheap, though. Each time, it will costs about RM50-RM60 for two kids, 3 games.

One Reply to “Bowling for kids”

  1. Gosh, does bowling cost that much! I have not bowled for years and years and I stink at it. Yeah, Cosmic Bowl is cool as I love the day glo colours.

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