Kim Gary Hongkong Restaurant, Penang


Let’s see….where shall I start?

We have very clear sky here in Penang. The sunset over at the Penang Hill is really beautiful this evening.

The moon was just appearing. It is almost the full moon now and that means the 15th day of the 7th month is coming. *muahahaha* That’s when the Hungry Ghosts festival peaked. Watch out……


Back to my topic. Kim Gary opened a few days ago. On the 3rd floor, Gurney Plaza.


I had my dinner there. As for the food, no comment. Go and discover yourself. *wicked grin*


You gotta take a number. Service staffs are not bad. Very efficient. Nice place. That’s all I can say.

If there is any nice food that you had eaten from Kim Gary branches in KL, do tell me. Hahahaha.

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  1. boo- We ordered that. Ews, I can’t stand the sweetish taste of the meats and also the ngo hiong flavour. In the pork, chicken, ribs and even the lamb smells of the ngo hiong and the overtly sweet and salty flavour. Hahaha, finally I got to say it out.

  2. I seriously pity the people who think Kim Gary serves good food. Shame on me for going there more than once. I’m an optimist I guess. I keep thinking that “this place is so packed thus the food must be good!”. I’ve been wrong everytime 🙂

    This applies to some other Hong Kong style eatieries as well… like that awful Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

  3. It is the Chinese 5-spice powder. It is made up of clove, cinnamon, star anise and not sure what are the other two. Chinese use it a lot to season meats.

  4. Thanks for the warning on 7/15. We had a nasty incident around this time with our exmaid. Dun play play.

  5. i used to go when the open their first outlet in sg wang… after a while we stopped going, cos very leceh dat place and so small. those in kl who wanna eat hk style food, i recommend to go causeway bay in lowyat plaza. food is nicer.

  6. babe – yeah, I ate there the other day at Low Yat. Very hongkie indeed, with the tiny space. Gee, I hate eating out in HK ‘cos every rest. is so tiny and people practically knock into you left, right and centre. Whenever I return to Malaysia, I would go…ah….seefooksai….so much space.

    Mrs B – Yeah, got lots of people into it.

  7. I like this hong kong style food, it make penang people to have another place to enjoy hong kong food. It wil be great it have voucher for us to print out to enjoy the promotion like the restaurant at (link removed by admin)

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