Popular and Big Bookshop, Penang

Fhweet! I just discovered that Popular has opened a huge (by Penang standard) bookstore on the 3rd floor of Gurney Plaza. Gee, I had not ventured to that part for a while and just realise there is a spanking new store there.

Wow, there are plenty of books to see. So many books on photography (which I can’t afford ‘cos it is RM150 per book!). The rest are usual stuffs that Popular offers.

The Big Bookshop also has been renovated. TBB offers cheap books, those out of prints and older displayed books.

Now, there are more reasons to hang around Gurney Plaza.

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  1. q = Yeah, they are still there but I hesitate going there ‘cos of the stench of the market, especially in the afternoon and evening. It is such a pity that they were moved there. In fact, I was so endeared to the mamaks there. LOL!

    boo – You got Borders, MPH at MV, these are just kids’ stuffs.

  2. aiyah… more Popular! I’m getting sick of going to this bookstores & getting the same old stuff. THere was I thinking that Gurney Plaza was save from the Popular invasion, salah lagi…

    The BBS I LIKE, like Lilian said, cheap books & those out of prints – you can find treasures there sometimes, like those mini cookbooks they have that’s simply great! The art & craft (stamping & scrap booking) things are also cheap & good.

  3. Babe – Yeah, the new one here is, I hope. It is rather like MPH MV. But I hope our Penang crowd doesn’t spoil it. LOL!

    Athene – So far the only nice bookstore we have is the MPH at the separate building near Gurney. Forgot what building. A stand alone bookstore. This Popular memang high class sikit dari the one in Prangin or One-stop.

  4. is the Times @ Island Plaza still open? Yeah, I like the MPH @ Gurney Tower too… lepas tu can lepak at Kapitan’s/CBTL/Starbuk ker or if I can ketuk my other half to go to Fusion lor… 🙂

  5. Is arthur’s books still open? Think it’s somewhere at Midlands as I have seen it before. I prefer Times as I get discounts with my card but Kino is still my favourite since they have a wider selection.

  6. Arthur – ancient history liao. Times oso closed down in Fima (jalan burmah/giant) and I think the one in Island Plaza is closed too. Hopefully Metrojaya can bring life back to Island Plaza. It is so spooky now, without anchor tenants.

  7. Metrojaya Island Plaza is opening tmrw (1st Oct ’05)!!!

    I wonder if anyone has the event listing???

    appreciate it!

    have a great weekend!

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