Redang (feedback welc0me)

My family is going to Redang next week for three nights. Staying at the Redang Bay Resort. I went there before a few years ago. Long before Sammi Cheng made the island famous.

So, is there any changes that I should note of? We are taking the ferry from Kuala Merang in Terengganu.

This is a rather last minute surprise ‘cos we never thought we can get the room until now.

Suggestions on places to eat in Terengganu most welcome.

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  1. Driving ler. If fly, teruk leh, go KL, KL go KT. I think there is no PG-KT flight anymore? Pengsan. Berapa? Must ask atm lah. I cuma responsible to enjoy only. LOL!

  2. RB – Abt 6 hours oni. The East-West highway is rather nice, different kind of views and on the East coast, the road really beautiful. Left side all sea, right side all kampong. On the road, all tahi. LOL!

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