Kimberly Street Char Koay Teow


This is the reason why this char koay teow stall remains my favourite. Prawns that had been fried separately. You have sit there, by the road side to enjoy the wonderful aroma of fried prawns!

I am actually risking the stare from the uncle who owned the char koay teow stall to take this macro shot of his prawns placed high above his stall. But it was fun and thrilling. Putting my camera almost inches away from this bowl of prawns. Tip toeing. I could smell the aroma of the prawns! Can you?


Boiling oil over charcoal fire. The uncle is frying mantis prawns. Yeah, there are the usual white prawns and additional deep fried mantis prawns in the char koay teow.

Both of these prawns are dished up separately. Then, the uncle will fry the koay teow by the batches and add the prawns just before serving. Hence, both mantis prawns and prawns retain their flavour.

I love the cockles too. Which is still very raw. (I had taken my Hep. jab, btw.)


A Punjabi customer in turban buying take-away char koay teow. Note that the whole street is lined with hawkers. At the far back, is the dessert stall selling longan, red beans, gingko, almond soup with yau char kuay stall. I will blog this separately.


The plate of my favourite Kimberly Street char koay teow. The egg are barely cooked and the koay teow is rather moist. Hidden inside are lots of mantis prawns and prawns. I think a plate costs RM3.80.

Kimberly Street is somewhere near Komtar, accessible from Penang Road. This stall is located at the junction of Cintra Street and Kimberly Street.

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8 Replies to “Kimberly Street Char Koay Teow”

  1. Hey that’s my favourite Char Koay Teow!!!

    Whenever I am back to Penang, I sure go eat there wan.
    Damnit, hungree nowww….

  2. Sey – Really? Glad that I found someone who likes this CKT too. Some people said the CKT not ‘phang’ enuff but I like them moist.

    jimmy – All CKT are oily. That’s why they are so irresistable.

    boo – His style is different from others because he fried the prawns separately, fried the koay teow in big batch and then, re-fry them in smaller portions.


    OMG i thot so many prawns in the CKT hehehe but it turned out to be fried separately. hubby planning a short trip to pg, i wonder if i can tag along :p :p

  4. […] Being a Char Koey Teow (Fried Flat Rice Noodle) myself, I could not resist the temptation of trying out Lilian’s Favourite Char Koey Teow stall at Kimberley St. The stall was easy to find, mainly because I know where Kimberley and Cintra St is. Arriving there at 6pm, I was worried if the stall was open that early, and truly the guy was just getting ready and was frying the prawns. The sign at his stall suggest small plat @ RM2.20 and large @ RM2.80. I ordered a “koey teow mee without chilies’ for my wife and a regular “koey teow” for myself. He then asked if we want to “kar lieu” (add ingredients) and we figured why not. […]

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