Free spin at Pizza Hut


They have this free spin at Pizza Hut. You are entitled to spin three times and make a choice of the freebies.


The Lava Cheese or something pizza. I never like pizza so am not very impressed with the taste. The cheese doesn’t taste like cheese, more like dough.


We got two free chicken wings from the spin.

For pizza, I prefer those thin crusts, hand-made ones with minimal toppings. Preferably magherita. I dread going to pizza places but what to do….my teenage kids love pizzas. Yet, I am too lazy to make my own because they normally messed up my kitchen when making the dough.

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    (August 25, 2005 - 1:02 am)

    Try using the breadmaker for the pizza dough…I find it saves a lot of hassle and time. While the dough is being made , you can prepare the topping ingredients. Like you I hate pizzas unless its the super thin whole wheat crust with goat cheese and baby spinach and garlic and drizzle of truffle or really good olive oil.

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