Picture postcards from Redang

Some people said Pulau Perhentian is nicer. Some said Pulau Lang Tengah is better.

I had been to Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang, twice to each island. I still feel Pulau Redang is a better holiday destination.


Firstly, Pulau Redang has more choices of hotels. From the luxurious ones like the Laguna (the above pic) and Berjaya to lower budget ones.


The areas around Redang are blocked from the rough seas by little islands and coves. Hence, the tide is not as rough as those at Perhentian Island.


The terrain is tamer. I mean the beach has a gentle slope and the water is quite shallow . In Perhentian, it can get very deep suddenly. This is one factor why I favour Redang because it is safer for my children (teenagers).


The sand at Redang beach is much, much powdery and white compared to Perhentian and the water is clearer. As I was at Perhentian just a few months ago, I fully recommend Redang if you enjoy beaches with white sands. Perhentian has rougher sands and lots of dead corals.


Snorkelling activities are endless at Redang. Usually, the hotel packages are inclusive of food, accomodation and snorkelling activities. We have two trips of snorkelling each day. There is even night boat trips! So much adventure, isn’t it?

In conclusion, I would recommend Redang as it is not much further than Perhentian. It has a much more comfortable accomodations, more activities and better beaches. However, the negative point is Redang has too many tourists.

…More Redang posts to follow

(Yikes, I just realised that I did NOT blog about my Pulau Perhentian trip which I went in January this year! What have I been doing? Hmm…)

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    Photos are taken with wide angle lense and also photo filter. You can see the photos properties by clicking on the photo which will lead you to the Flickr side. On the right side, there is an option to click on Properties of the photos.


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    No red dugong? Just kidding! Great pixs.

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