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Mr. Ho’s Fine Food in Penang is located at a majestic white bungalow from the colonial times. It is unlike the Mr. Ho found at MidValley which has a very basic deco. Though I do not fancy the variety of foods served, we had been there several times because my kids love the pasta.


The restaurant has several wings. Outside by the porch, there is an open air beer garden. By the side, there is the patio where diners can have their dinner without air-cond (plus lots of mosquitoes!).


I rather like this corner. It is so cosy and warm. Service is pretty good as the waiters and waitresses are well-trained and knowledgeable with their recommendations.

At the other end of the restaurant, there is a wine and cigar bar.

We ordered several things from the menu but I shall not feature them here as they are mostly porks.


This is the standard item that I usually eat. Spaghetti Aglio Olio which is made with just olive oil, lots of garlic, chili flakes and some fresh tomatoes. Price RM12 (I think). However, my son loves Mr. Ho’s Spaghetti with cream sauce which is the reason why we had to keep patronising the place.


Mr. Ho is famous for his roast pork which I do agree is the best so far. There is a platter of mixed grills which costs RM80 which can be shared by 2 but usually 3 of us cannot finish. The other one is the variety of sausages. In the photo above are veal sausages, English bangers, bratswurst, Italian sausage and another item. Cost RM32++.

The restaurant seems to be the favourite of extended families and senior folks. Ignore the cholesterol and fats. Most times, you can find a long table with large families comprising grandpas and grandmas having a hearty dinner of meats, meats and more meats.

I would recommend their lobster bisque which is seasonal and their dessert of creme brulee. The creme brulee comes in quaint little container and flavoured with ginger. They fired the top of the custard and caramelised the sugar. Expensive yet nice. If I am not mistaken, it is RM8 for two mouthfuls. :O)

The Mr. Ho’s in Penang doesn’t have the ‘butcher’ feel like the one in Bangsar, Mont Kiara or MidValley. Yeah, I had been to all the Mr. Ho’s branches, usually to shop for some gourmet foods when I was down in KL. The one in Penang made you feel like you are blasting back to the colonial times where Englishmen and women were served by white-attired servants.

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  1. […] The verdict? Kids said – Next time, don’t come anymore. Too bad. Never under-estimate the power of the customers who are kids. Places like Mr. Ho’s Fine Foods had my kids asking for more because their waiters and waitresses treated them like mini-adults, asking for their order, serving them with a smile and etc. Places like these did not even offer us enough menu cards to pass around. […]

  2. […] This plate of roasted pork from Mr. Ho’s restaurant here in Penang is one of them. I had been storing yummylicious pork photos for a while and never posted them as I do not want my website to appear ‘offensive’ to my Muslim readers. […]

  3. there are a few more fine food restaurants in penang namely “Bagan” along bagan jermal and also “brazil 68” along kelawei road which was called kelawei 68. bagan serve good fusion crusines and brazil 68 basically serve brazillian food and brazillian bbq buffet during dinner which consist of multiple types of meat in multiple types of marinates and roasted according to your preference. however it cost more compared to mr. ho’s the last time i visit was about rm70 per pax

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