Lotus root soup


This post is for BigBok of Canada.

Here’s the recipe for lotus root soup. Alternatively, you can change the lotus root with old cucumber, white radish, winter melon, water cress or any hardy vegetables.

Chicken bones for stock (or use spare ribs) total weight abt 400 gms
1 lotus root, about 400 gm
1 dried squid (can omit if not available)
6-8 red dates
1 clove garlic
salt, pepper to taste

To boil the perfect soup…..
Heat a pot of water to boiling point and dip the meats or bones in and let the meat turned whitish and some grime floats.

Take out the meat/bones and wash under tap water until clears. Pour the boiling water away. This pre-boiling will remove some fats and ensure the soup is clear.

Boil about 1 – 1.5 liter (quantity depends on how much you can consume) water. Add in all the ingredients including the meat/bones that has been pre-boiled. Leave them to boil for a few minutes and turn down fire to minimum. Let the soup simmers for 1 hour or more.

If using watercress, remove the small, green leaves and put aside. Boil only the hard stems. Add the green leaves just before serving.

I hope BigBok get to prepare this soup, just like how her mom made?

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  1. Hey.. Lilian,
    Thanks a million..!! i can’t get squid.. but i used red dates and kei-chi in my watercress soup.
    And nope.. my mom is pretty standard in cooking.. and donch really make good soup.. it’s was from someone else i learnt to make double boil soup.. a very old gentleman.. ! unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago.. the same year my brat was born.

  2. Came over from BogBok. Mmm, yumm! I love lotus root soup. I used to call it “spider web soup” when I was younger. My mum (and now I) boil it this way too and can substitute lotus root with all that was suggested except that I don’t put in the garlic. Really? Garlic would make the soup taste better? And not smoked garlic?

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