Supper – A pastime

I don’t know about other countries but over here we can eat 24/7, even on major celebrations like Chinese New Year, Christmas, New Year and Hari Raya. There is never a day where you can’t find some stalls selling food.


This is what I just ate 30 minutes ago. Around 12.30 midnight. Shown in the photo is a plate of fried beancake or taukua chien. It is dipped in a chillie sauce mixed with lots of garlic and grounded peanut.

The other one is a plate of satay.


The crowd having supper after midnight.

Photos are taken from Jalan Caunterhall/Jalan Free coffeeshop. This place is famous for its wantan mee. Will post pics of some hawkers in action.

I know having supper is VERY bad. But then, who can resist? Once in a while.

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  1. boo – Yes, that satay on your site got me thinking of satay. I don’t normally eat satays but this Chinese satay stall has mutton satay so worth a try.

  2. […] This guy in blue singlet is frying oyster omelette. Count the eggs tray? Each tray takes 30 eggs. So, probably he used up hundred over eggs. The wok is very hot and you can see him squirming while frying. His other partner is in-charge of delivering the oyster omellete and fried beancurd. He seems to be floating! […]

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