Taiping – Heritage Town

Taiping is called a Heritage Town because of its rich history. If I am not mistaken Taiping means peaceful in Mandarin.


The above building is the Tourism Office. You can read more about Taiping and its history from Bernama’s website.

We drove to Taiping yesterday just for the purpose of showing my toddler what real elephants, giraffes, zebras and other animals look like in real life. It is just an hour drive from Penang and quite rewarding trip.


I found the Taiping lake a romantic place with its lakes and those trees that seem to cascade their branches into the lake. I can imagine English women in their Victorian costumes, carrying lace umbrellas walking along the paths. Gee, I don’t know where I got this idea! LOL!

It was a hellish hot day yesterday and the sun was so, so bright. Therefore, my photo turned out like a watercolour finishing. (I use a photo filter and wide angle lense.) Do you find the man pushing his bicycle ‘blend’ in so well into the photo?

Actually, he was cycling on the right side of the road and when he saw this crazy woman squatting in the middle of the path, he veered over to the other side of the road and pushed the bicycle. Poor guy! He must have wanted to avoid me.


I have a lot of photos of the animals in the zoo but I shall leave you with another shot of the lotus. The whole pond in Taiping lake was filled with lotuses and they are blooming!

It made my trip so much more memorable and worthwhile. If only it wasn’t so hot!

2 Replies to “Taiping – Heritage Town”

  1. Lilian,

    Taiping does means Peaceful in mandarin or cantonese. It is indeed always warm and moist in taiping. The sea is nearby and the best place to eat seafood there is in a town call KUALA SEPETANG.

    Did you try the fresh lotus seed ? They are sold on the streets at around RM0.80 or cheaper per stalk. Its nice.

    Glad u enjoy ur trip. Great blog

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Like your website, great and brillant site.
    I am from Taiping now living in London, will be visiting Malaysia next month with my family.
    Have you been to the Maxwell Hill and the Taiping swimming pool, great place for the children(probably just for my kids, they cannot stand the weather in Malaysia, too hot for them).
    We missed Malaysian foods as well esp the hawkwers’ stalls, Penang fried kwai teow and popiah.

    p.s Just by accident found your website when we search something for malaysia, great blog.
    WELL DONE!!!!!

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