Nasi Kandar Line Clear


This nasi kandar stall has been in existence for 45 years! The owner probably get interviewed so often by the press that makes him so fluent in rattling off all the details about his stall. So he kindly gave me some history lessons the other day when I was busy snapping photos of his stall.

Line Clear is actually rather hidden from the bigger restaurants along Penang Road. It is in a small, narrow lane off Penang Road.

Located across Argyll Road, just after the Chulia Street junction.


Line Clear came highly recommended by Nee Shen, a Penang blogger. I am glad I checked the nasi kandar stall out. It is one of those few traditional style nasi kandar stalls.

The taste of their curries is so unlike the mass produced new outlets. Line Clear curries have that balance of spices in their curries and do not leave your tastebuds with too much flavour of only certain spices. It tastes justttttt riggghtttt. (that’s how I would say)


Here is my plate of nasi setengah (half portion of rice) with fish roes/eggs, squids roes, beef and okra. I am certainly going back again and again to Line Clear from now on. The only problem with the place is the lack of parking. You need to park across the street along Argyll Road as there is no parking along the busy Penang Road.

Just watch out for the yellow and green signboard. Walk into the little lane and head for the stall by the wall. There is a big Maggi sign on their counter.Don’t get lured into the other nasi kandar restaurants on the main road. ‘Cos the bigger restaurants have staffs standing outside to ‘invite’ to their own place.

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  1. Just had nasi kandar yesterday night. We are regulars at Sharif Nasi Kandar in Gelugor (diagonally opposite Kampungku bus-stop just outside the 7-Eleven). Here, it’s not ‘line clear’… it’s ‘long line’ :o).

  2. yes! line clear is one of my favourite haunts. haven’t been there in a while as kuala lumpur keeps me too busy to go north enough to penang.
    do they still calculate the bill with the chalk and slate?
    that’s the best way to end the meal.
    of course, the best time to go is in the morning when the food is absolutely fresh.
    oh yes, great website too!

  3. I went back to Pg recently bcoz of work related matter. Took the chance to have breakfast at Nasi Kandar Kpg Melayu which I rank among the best nasi kandar in Pg and I had lunch at Line Clear the next day. And I took the pic of the same signboard. RM 4.80 for Nasi Kandar with beef, fish, bendi and boiled egg. Mana mau dapat macam ni in KL.

  4. muteaudio – Actually, some of the mass-produced nasi kandar stalls do charge very high. But I think Line Clear is still reasonable.

    tokdalang – Chalk and slate? Aisayman, I did not notice that. It must be unique. Will observe next time.

    Bart – OK, going to hunt it down soon.

  5. Agree. My family and friends in Pg don’t go to places like Kayu or Pelita. My 5 best Nasi Kadar joints…. Kpg Melayu, Line Clear, Merlin Hotel (Union Street), stall next to Kapitan Keling Mosque & behind Beach Street’s Immigration office (tak tahu ada lagi atau takde dah)

  6. Lilian,
    I kembang already lar, you put my name in your blog. I agree the only problem is parking across the road, but so far i’ve been lucky always to get a place to park. They used to count with chalk, but now they give pieces of paper. If you have big group going, and the order is too big for the small piece of paper, they count using the chalk board. If you ask, the old man can also rat off a conversation in fluent cantonese.

    BTW, did they charge you the 5% tax?

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