How do you eat your roti canai?


Do you think this question is irrelevant? That eating is just putting things into the mouth, chew and swallow?

Not to me. When it comes to roti canai, there are a few ways to eat it. There is, of course, no right and wrong way. But between my husband and I, we always debate about it.

He would get terribly annoyed if his roti canai is served to him, torn and soaked in the curry. Whereas, I will instruct that my roti be torn and swim in a bowl of curry.

See? Roti Canai is so much part of our life that we developed a passion to eat it with style.

Here are my way of eating roti canai:

a) Torn into bite sizes. Curry must come in a mixture of very hot curries mixed with dhal curry.

b) Ask for some sugar. Sugar brings out the taste.

c) Soak the roti in the curries till it ‘swells’ up a bit. Put in sugar.

d) Eat with a glass of hot, thick, teh tarik.

I like the very hot mutton curry that comes with the roti canai at Argyll Road. But hate the quality of the roti canai which is not fluffy, too rubbery and small. As for the Transfer Road one, I do not enjoy their curries. *sigh* Anyone with suggestions on where to find great roti canai which is accompanied with the hottest curries? Also, any more idea on how to enjoy roti canai?

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  1. I’ll definitely go for Roti Canai Banjir, with lotsa different type of curries plus bawang (the one that they gave along with Murtabak). Besides than Roti Canai Kpg Melayu, Ramdan Restaurant (Ah Quee street) & Globe Restaurant (chowrasta market) used to be my favourite. When I was in SXI, I’ll drop off at Transfer Road (MPPP bus), have my breakfast at globe and head to school.

  2. The Roti Chanai at Lorong Susu(opposite the Menara Umno) is the best with the Sambai Ikan Bilis with a little bit of the dhal. The sambai is so spicy til you will scream mcccbai..

  3. i hardly eat roti canai, if i do i always ask for the crispy roti empat segi. otherwise these ppl give us those they premade and placed inside a food warmer (bleehhh not nice!!!).

    then i’ll tear off pieces and scoop loads of dhal to soak it b4 placing into my mouth :p i only eat wid dhal, other curries fattening lah hehehehe

  4. my fav has to be roti canai the garing version as well. and during the times i decide to not to bother about the calories, i’d go for Roti Bom. i some how do not enjoy the Png roti canais as much as i do the ones in Kajang though.

  5. I prefer to dip the roti canai in the curry/dhal just before putting it into my mouth… don’t like it to soak in the curry as it will turn soggy…
    btw, have you tried eating roti canai with condensed milk (of course don’t mix with curry)? it’s quite nice you know…

  6. the lorong susu wan uhh dosent look hygienic ler coz its by the longkang/ once the curry they gave us was bad.

    i dont soak it in the curry.i soak the popedum though.

  7. Like your husband, I don’t like my roti canai to be soaked in curries too (I’m not a curry fan). I rarely eat roti canai as it’s loaded with empty calories, but when I do (probably a few times a year), I take it plain (the less oily the better) or with a bit of sweetened condensed milk (as shown by my dad when I was a little girl).

  8. Lilian, recommend you to try out the roti canai atthe kopitiam just around the roundabt in towards penang hill. If you drive from Air Itam, penang hill is on your 9 o clock,so you go 12 o clock. You will see there is a primary chinese school (Kong Min Pusat, haha, my mother school). The kopitiam just besides of this school.
    The roti canai is crispy yet not so oily. i love it. Their curry is spicy hot. Well I don’t love those dhal curry anyway. They got chicken and fish curry, i prefer fish curry all the time. Make sure you order their white coffee iced, wow, heaven.

    Actually this kopitiam quite well known for its char koay tiao, but I just feel so so.

  9. hehe, one more. I like the Pelita, Sg dua for its roti telur. Fluffy and delicious egg taste in the roti, till feel so shyiok to just dip the sugar. Love it because not oily. Yeah, I don’t like those roti canai with too much oil.

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