Do you know that we do not have Dunkin’ Donuts here in Penang? So, what you guys see as something boring is something we poor souls crave for.

I love the Bavarian which is doughnuts filled with custard cream and dusted with icing sugar. I also love the tiny munchkins. So nice popping them into the mouth! Especially the banana cream.

*sigh* I want some nice doughnuts now but we have none. How sad.

The above is bought from KLIA! Wow, isn’t that exclusive? Doughnuts from some international airport? It is actually Dunkin Donuts which my husband bought when he made a day trip.

The nearest Dunkin Donuts is about 100 miles away from here. At the Tapah rest area along the North-South Highway.

I don’t see Dunkin Donuts opening a stall here anytime soon because we are simply too stingy to buy them, I guess? We probably opt for cucuk keria at 30 sen each. Cucuk keria is doughnut made with sweet potatoes and coated with thick sugar. Good ones are much tastier than Dunkin Donuts. Only 30 sen!

8 Replies to “Mmm…Donuts!”

  1. Hahaha, and they serve? Please take a pic and show me. And I will make a note to visit the next time I am in KL.

  2. I m giggling over your blog. We are in the same boat. I have cravings for Dunkin Donuts cinnamon apple n the only time i get to buy them is also in KL on business trips. I didnt know there s one shop at KLIA seriously? But I guess its a blessing in disguise coz donuts can be fattening!

  3. Maam, One less thing to worry or one less reason to use for the extra kgs, huh? I can tapao for u if u want to – whenever i make the trip to hometown lah..
    I love ur blog 🙂

  4. What a coincidence as we had some recently and I took some pixs of them. They had a milk chocolate one and I love their sandwiches especially the double egg and cheese.

  5. i know donkey years ago, in BJ got one donut ‘shop’ near the escalator….wah, damn nice la the cokelat coated one.

    thinking abt it is making my saliva dribble liow….*iisshh..iissh…must wipe if not will kena elektrik shock*

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