Extinction of the RM1 coin


This coin will be extinct soon. Our National Bank is withdrawing it from December 7th this year. So, here is a photo for keepsake.

Few days ago, an argument almost broke out in a bakery shop because the young, trainee cashier was reluctant to accept a RM1 coin from a ferocious customer. It is rather silly why people treat the coin like it is some time bomb.

Why not be charitable about it? Make some kids happy with it?


There is still a lot of vending machines around. How about giving the coin to some child so that she/he can get something nice? It will sure bring a smile. Certainly, RM1 is a little price to pay for a smile on a child’s face?


My children love these colour balls. They had spent a lot of money on these vending machine. Seeing them comparing the different colour balls at home is enough to assure me that these are money well spent.

Sometimes, when they get some colours they do not want, I asked them to just give it away to those children standing around. Usually, children will flock around, envying the person who gets to drop the RM1 coin into the machine.

Other times, I gave it to my toddler to drop into the kiddies ride.

There are ways to use the RM1. Without quarrelling over them.

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  1. I thought some of them have toys inside them. Now I know better. Yeah, people do treat the RM1 coin with caution as there has been so many horror stories about fakes.

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