Prawn Omelette – Heh Chien from Taiping


I am a regular follower of Loopy Meals by James. James is a Taiping (old) boy and hence can wax lyrical about his hometown. So, after reading too many mouth-watering entries by James, I made my way to Taiping one hot afternoon.

Before leaving my house, I had to scrounge through his hundreds of postings just to find that elusive prawn omelette stall location. Jotting down in a tiny piece of paper, I navigated my husband to the Taiping Casual Market (some people called it cashew market LOL) to the exact stall.

Frankly, I can’t remember the place and direction now. Except that it is near Fajar Supermarket, opposite some Government Health Clinic (Kelinik Kesihatan) and below the Larut Matang Amusement Arcade.

I am very surprise to discover that Taiping has a hawker centre very much like Penang. Their foods are similar to Penang too. But, shhhh, Penang food is better. Please don’t tell James.

Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed. The prawn omelette or heh chien is really special. It has lots of chives which one can’t find in Penang. And frankly, I haven’t heard of any oyster omelette stall owner substituting oysters with prawn. Should I sell the idea to the hawkers here? Hmmm….

If you are at the casual market, don’t forget to sample the kuehs and grab yourself a few packets of Made-In-Taiping biscuits. The ‘kai chai peng’ is very nice. Too bad that I forget to snap some photos of the biscuits.

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  1. babe – The omelette is really nice and special. I wish I can find some too.

    boo – I am almost tempted to bring my own prawns and ask some oyster omelette hawkers to fry for me. But I am too shy to ask.

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