Penang Christian cemetery


This is part of the Penang Heritage Trail places of interest. A very, very old graveyard where some of the most prominent people were buried including the founder of Penang, Sir Francis Light.


The thought of going into a graveyard for a tour does seem a little out of the ordinary for me. This place is very shady with overgrown frangipani trees. No one goes in there. However, it is located along a busy road.


These graves are all very, very old. Some of their tombstones are broken. I am not sure whose tomb this but it is one of the biggest and most prominent. At first, I thought that this must be Sir Francis Light’s grave. However, it is not.


This tomb is rather special. May Gilbert Gardiner rest in peace.

I will blog about the grave of Sir Francis Light in another post.

P/S : I have said a little prayer at the graveyard. May their souls rest in peace and God bless them. They will be remembered for their contributions towards Penang island.

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