The soup that guarantees to make you BURPPP.


Mint leaves come in different forms. This is the mint leaves that we Malaysians use in our laksa. One can find them sold in bunches in the supermarket.

Mint has a refreshing taste and chewing those green leaves down seem like very healthy. So, what better way than to consume a whole bunch of mint leaves as a meal?


1 bunch of mint leaves (cost about RM1)

a few ikan bilis (anchovies) OR shrimp or dried shrimp OR fishball (this is to make the soup tastier)

1 egg

1 pip garlic (smashed)

a little oil

A bowl of water (amount that you can consume in one sitting)

Remove individual leaves from the sprig. Wash and drip dry.

Heat oil and stir fry the shrimps or anchovies with garlic. Add water and simmer for a while.

Add salt and pepper to the soup. Pour in mint leaves. Immediately, crack an egg and turn off fire. Break the egg slightly to coat the mint leaves.

The heat will usually cooked the egg. Pour in a bowl and serve. One can either take this as part of a meal or eat it on its own.


Note : Eat immediately or else the reaction between the mint leaves and egg will cause the egg to turn an ugly dark purple colour. Be prepared to burppp (and then somemore) after a meal. Mint drives out ‘wind’ from your body.

5 Replies to “The soup that guarantees to make you BURPPP.”

  1. great! the recipes are back!

    this sounds yummy. one thing though, can we make it vegetarian? what do you suggest? i.e. no onions or garlic or shrimps or anchovies?

    hmm… wouldn’t taste very nice without those huh..?

    thanks again! looking forward to more.

  2. babe – I love thai basil too. But I usually make omelette with them. Must try this next time.

    Rayhana – I guess if you have a nice soup base (how do vegetarians make soup?), it should be fine. Cheat with some granules?

    boo – This is a comforting soup during pregnancy.

  3. Nice soup. 🙂 .

    None halal version :
    I remember mum also put minced pork or minced fish when the soup boil. And put few drops of “SiuHeng” chinese cooking liquor into the soup.


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