I am fascinated with monkeys. We have plenty of them at the Penang Botanical Gardens and it’s surrounding area. Though these creatures can be very fierce when hungry or provoked, they also make me all fuzzy when I see them cuddling, protecting and nurse their babies.

On the day I took this photo, two groups of monkeys snatched my sons’ food. It was a scary experience. But just before we fled the Botanical Gardens, I found this mother and baby monkeys on the cannonball tree.

I used my zoom lense to snap these photos. Beware : Some monkeys can even grab your camera if they feel intimidated! Never go near with a camera pointing at them.


Notice that at first, the mother and baby were alone? Well, somehow the male monkey noticed that I am ‘threatening’ them and hence, came to their protection.

I know most people likes food blog but lately, I am tired of food postings.

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  1. Those Youth Park/Botanical Gardens monkeys come to my house and pluck starfruit from the tree in my garden. XD

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