Penang Bridge view from e-gate


This is the first time I go to the e-gate. It is the building along the Penang Bridge Road, next to Tesco. Since it has been rainy and cloudy the whole morning, the weather makes the place extra soothing. A nice day to hang out at the side-walk cafes available there.


So far, only a few tenants have started business. They are 7-Eleven, Guardian, Starbucks, Secret Recipe and Sushi King. One new cafe caught our attention as the others are ‘old’ names in the food outlets here. I think the name is Beguadro, next to Starbucks.


I ordered a set lunch for RM18 which is fried tomyam spaghetti. It comes with one iced-lemon tea (complimentary), soup, bun, main course, dessert and coffee. The food is nothing outstanding but the restaurant is cosy. Plus service is pleasant. So no complaints as the tomyam spag. comes with generous amount of squids and prawns.


This is the spaghetti carbonara, halal version. Cost RM12. An ala carte order.

This is a halal joint as the waiters and waitresses are mostly Malays.

I am not sure if the e-gate project will takes off considering that there is no anchor tenant there. Most malls in Penang which do not come with upmarket anchor tenant usually fizzle out. Penangites are all mall rats. 🙂

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  1. All the malls in Penang are er..quite small lah. Maybe they ought to buy more and window-shop less. *cabut*

  2. Correction. E-Gate is NOT a shopping mall… Only the first 2 floors has restaurants and shopping complex. The rest of the building which is the majority, is actually office buildings.

  3. hmm the area must look very different from when i stayed in penang (’93-’97) – daytrips don’t actually count as i rarely notice anything but the traffic jam! 😉

  4. q – Yeah, now a lot of difference already. With more traffic jams.

    n305er – Yakah? Office blocks. You think it can last or not? I don’t think business will be as good as Gurney. At night how many people will hang around hor?

    Hin – Hahaha, we (Penangites) go for the aircond only la.

    boo – Yeah, me inclusive. But I hate window shopping. I am a fast shopper, unlike my husband who can spend time looking through. I can go into a sale and come out within minutes, with purchases.

  5. Just the other day… At night… Starbucks, Full house…
    Secreat recipe, full house… sushi king, full house… those pub and cafes, almost full house…

    Not bad leh…

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