Kueh-mueh Ramadhan


A cute Malay boy and my son sitting there waiting for us to buy food.

Today is the first day of Ramadhan month. Muslims around the world will fast from the break of dawn till dusk. They will refrain from eating, drinking and smoking during these times.

During the month Ramadhan, many temporary stalls will sprout, selling delicious homemade goodies, rice, dishes, special drinks and dessert. What is unique is these stall owners normally do not operate a stall but only do so during the month of Ramadhan. Therefore, their food usually taste a lot nicer than the regular stalls as the foods/drinks are specially prepared with a lot of care.


Tepung pelita – A banana leave casing filled with sago dessert flavoured with coconut milk and pandan leaves.

I visited the pasar ramadhan at Kampung Melayu in Penang. This is the poorer area with one of the earliest flat projects in Penang. The stall owners were all asking if I am from The Star (one of the local newspaper). Hahaha, I told them I am not but promoting them on the internet.

Therefore, I shall put up lots of photos of the Malay goodies here. I know many of my fellow bloggers who are in overseas like Kak Teh, Anasalwa, Anuar Fariz and many others surely missed the Ramadhan atmosphere over here in Malaysia.


Bingka – The bingka made once a year by these temporary stall owners usually taste much nicer than the regular shops.

I have a lot of photos of other types of kueh-mueh but shall share a few photos each day.


There are so many varieties of kueh-mueh on sale.

It will take us few days to sample all the stalls. All the owners are so friendly and recommend all sorts of kueh to us. In the end, we bought one or two piece each from every stalls!

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  1. Drooooool , these are the type of kueh I remember as a child in Malaysia and no longer see anywhere even in recipe books.

  2. Nice close ups of the kuih pelita, that is bf’s fav kuih. I like the bingka and this one is extremely green though. Usually the ones we get are more brown. I took some pixs too and will be uploading them later. Not that much kuihs so I will link you. By the way, I linked your sambal hair bee recipe today.

  3. I’m from Kpg Melayu. And I (used to) live in one of those 1 room flats. Block A. Now we call it ‘Studio Apartment.’ Try to go there after Raya for one of the best nasi kandar in Pg. (during puasa month they’ll be selling nasi tomato at Kpg Melayu Pasar Ramadhan) Make sure you go in the morning. Have u tried Kari Angsa at Queen Street. They have all type of curry. Ayam, kambing, angsa, itik nila (i think) and turkey pun ada.

  4. Liliannnnnnnnnnn! thanks I didnt know abt this until you wrote in my comments box…never mind – thanks. nasib baik I dah buka puasa sebelum tengok semua ni!

    I pun sebut you dalam mak cik bloggers!

  5. Lilian,
    I know this is almost a year too late to comment in your entry, but thank you so much for thinking of me. You’re so sweet and wonderful.

  6. Hello Lilian…. I’m in Wales right now..tgk kat kuihmuih tu….terkeliur jadiknya… i really enjoy the pictures,well at least i get to see the kuihmuih jadi la….last couple of days, i’ve tried your nasi lemak and kari kapitan…(drooling)…sangat sedap.Tapi dalam gambar nasi lemak you ada sambal ‘kick-ass’… i hanya dapat tgk and drool over it je..coz tak tahu macamana nak buat…:-~I’ll appreciate your kindness if you can share the recipe with me… and another thing, I really like the pictures you take. Effective!! I really like your website,makes me feel at home-with all the lovely foods(drool..drool…)

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