Recipe : Lentils lamb curry


The other day when I was in Little India at this spice wholesaler, the varieties of lentils available stirred my interest in cooking lentils. Usually, I skipped dhall curries as some of them really taste too bland for my liking.

But looking at those multi-coloured chickpeas/lentils/legumes/dhall/whatever (sorry I can’t differentiate what is what until I google more about them) makes me want to grab a bunch to try them out.

So, I asked for 200 grams of the easiest to cook lentil. I asked the Indian man on tips of cooking. Whether I need to soak them, how many hours I need to cook them to become soft etc. He assured me that it is very fast and easy to cook.

I got myself some frozen Australian lamb leg which costs me only RM10 per kg just now. At the same time, I just acquired myself the WMF pressure cooker from Germany last night. (more about that later when I have get myself acquianted with the cooker)

So here is my lentil and lamb curry.


I use whatever spices I can rummaged from my kitchen. It still turns out very nice.

Recipe for lentil lamb curry

500 grams lamb (preferably with bones)

200 grams lentil

4 tomatoes, quartered

2 fresh red chillies and 2 green chillies

Ingredients for frying
2 tablespoon oil

4-5 stalks dried chillies, remove seeds

1 thumb size ginger, bruised

10 shallots – slice

1 clove garlic – smashed

1 small piece of cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon of fennel (or cummin or mustard seed, whatever), 1 stalk curry leaves


Heat oil and stir fry the spices. Add lamb, tomatoes and lentils. Pour in about two small bowls of water and simmer over low heat till lamb and lentils are soft. Probably 1-2 hours.

I used the pressure cooker which takes about 10 mins. (after the rings appear/pressurised)

Results – A not-too spicy, very yummy and hearty stew. Ideal for chappati, bread, roti pratha or white rice. I am sure the extra portions will freeze well. Frankly, I prefer my own version than the mamak stalls one because the smell of the spices is not over powering.

Expect lots of recipes as I continue experimenting with the new pressure cooker. It costs me RM999 which to me is a LOT of money for two different sizes pot. But I am pretty sure they will be put to good use.

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  1. Looks yummy Lilian. I linked you again today for the sea coconut dessert. I wonder if my mum has a pressure cooker that I can borrow to make this stew.

  2. Hi Lilian,
    R999 for 2 WMF pots???? You’re very lucky. I bought mine 13 years ago ..only one 9 litre one and it cost me $499 Cdn. Sigh..if only I got people coming over from Malaysia…

  3. romantic – Ya, I found it selling for RM1,400 on a local Malaysian site and much more expensive on US site. It is on offer and comes with a RM70 steamer tray. The pot is 6.5 liter and the pan type is 3 liter. Convenient for small portions.

    Wu-Ching – With those eyelashes, cannot bear to eat alcapas.

    boo – Your traffic (referrers) to my site is high la. Thank you!

  4. thats perfect, my plain lamb stew over the weekend (lamb shoulder with onions, carrots and ginger) was blah, so “soh”. But I’d probably do without the chillies, have to get my five year old to consume lots of lamb – suppose to improve body heat and help with her weak lungs?

  5. awww..i love you i love you!!
    I love lentil!!!!

    i m coming home..i m so coming home, first thing i m gonna do is, pass by KLANG, and turn in to eat Bak Kut Teh. Flight scheduled to arrived at 6am…just nice, just right…

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