Tapioca (cassava) chips

The mention of tapioca will usually makes the older generations reminiscence about World War II when the Japanese invaded Malaysia. Many of them had to hide in the jungles and they survived mostly on tapiocas.

However, the younger generation probably know tapioca as the crispy, crunchy snacks or nice tapioca bingka instead of food for survival.


During school days, I eat these tapioca snacks daily. I remember them to be much crispier and nicer than those available today. I still prefer tapioca chips over imported potato chips like those Pringles, Mister Potato, Lays and etc.

It seems so much wholesome as it is basically tapioca roots sliced thinly and fried compared to potato crisps which had been heavily processed. It is also very cheap.

4 Replies to “Tapioca (cassava) chips”

  1. Ruth – It has been around but usually seen as a 2nd rate snacks last time.

    boo- I made that siku chips before. Look under Penang Faces? I think I spelt it seegoo or siku. That one is also very nice but only available once a year.

    Kim – It can cause pimples leh. But who cares, right?

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