Dark chocolate – Meiji & Kit Kat


This dark chocolate bar from Meiji has the nicest packaging ever! I love the word BLACK and the red and white letterings of the word chocolate. It is made in Japan and comes in a small bar of about 100gm.

The taste is much better than Toblerone and Lindt dark chocolate. (I can’t seem to find the photos I took of these two brands.)


Do you know Kit Kat has a limited edition dark chocolate wafer sticks? I found them in Cold Storage today. Worth a try ‘cos it is something new.

*sigh* My husband gave me a box of Godiva chocolates (RM128) the other day but I was too busy protecting the chocolates from my children and hence, missed taking photos of them! I miss those sinfully expensive chocolates. So, these will do in the meantime.

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  1. I love Japanese chocs too and when bf was in Japan, I used to get him to buy me loads of the meiji ones. Yeah, I bought one pack of the Dark Kit Kats but my mum ate them all though.

  2. thank you. thank you for posting pictures of food that i miss so dearly much. keep posting more! i miss m’sia. its been 10 years.

  3. today i picked up the 100ml meiji dark chocolate bar in isetan kl (RM3.99) to try – finished 3/4, feel bad and decided to keep the rest for the folks at home. ok la, will buy summore for them.

  4. […] Well, the Japanese have thought of this and come up with tiny little milk chocolates, perfect for little mouths.  The taste of the chocolate is Meiji’s signature taste, smooth, milky and creamy.  It doesn’t melt that easily too.  Plus can you see the little stars design?  It is a bit costly but not entirely very expensive.  Do check it out the next time you shop?  Available only from bigger supermarkets carrying imported Japanese stuffs. You can view my post on Meiji Dark Chocolate here.    Posted in Recipe     […]

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