Expensive dates

Nope, I am not writing about boy dates girl. But the fruit from Middle East.


This is the first time I tasted fresh dates. It is rather expensive and this bunch you see in the photo costs RM18. Knowing that it is expensive, I asked the shop owner how dates taste like before buying. No tasting, of course.

He told me, “Today, it tastes like this. Tomorrow, it tastes like that.” That got me intrigued and I bought it.

Well, it tastes like ciku. And the yellow ones are very tart.


I still prefer the dried dates. And yet, they are expensive too. The one in the photo above costs RM90 per kilogramme. I bought 100 gram only and there are only about 10 dates. Which means, one date popped into the mouth is RM1.


I like dates stuffed with almond, pecan and cashew nuts. I asked the boss if he has any type of dates like that and he told me to slice the date and stuff with whatever I want myself. *ish*

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  1. Cool! You tried the fresh ones. There are also red fresh ones per my pixs. If you like the stuffed ones, get them from those kiosks in KL, those are from Iran, I think.

  2. wahh, the boss is so ‘funny’ teaching you. i think some supermarkets sometimes sell the stuffed ones. i like them stuffed with walnuts 🙂

  3. My mom make & sell Almond stuffed Dates, do drop me a line if you’re interested, I might be able to get you a good discount… 😉

  4. Athene – Yakah? I cuma beli one box. hahaha. So tak apa lah. Anyway, today I bought a box of walnuts but too lazy to stuff into the dates. Pop one of each into the mouth easier. 🙂

    Chen – Nice also hor the taste? Reminds me of persimmon oso.

    apcc – Ya, with the Nabi’s name on the seed somemore.

    mahagurusia – I wonder if it is the one contributed to my constipation!

    q – yalah, the taukeh so good business, malas nak layan so he said ‘beli sendiri, sumbat lah’.

    boo – Ya, I saw that on your site. I found some red ones at Cold Storage selling for RM10 for 250 gms. Did not buy though.

  5. I have a love-hate ‘relationship’ with dates. Sometimes I like them, other times I don’t. I’ve tried both fresh and dried ones. I like the dried ones stuffed with almond. The most expensive dates (as seen in one of your photos) are ‘agwah’, the Prophet’s dates. Agwah dates cost RM40 per kilo in Saudi, where my mum works. I was lucky to get them much cheaper! 🙂

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