Cooking for the kids


Some kids eat just anything you give them. Some picky kids give you headaches instead. So, to please the second category, parents had to crack their heads on how to please these picky kids.

From my experiences, picky kids love their food being served in a special way. They need colours, funny shapes, different tastes and of course, a little work put into assembling them.

For e.g. some kids will just eat two pieces of bread with some spread or fillings. Yet, others will insist to have their sandwiches trimmed and cut into triangular or rectangular shapes.

I bought the above dinosaur shapes pasta which I know will get the picky ones to eat more. The different colours are made from spinach and carrot. Sounds healthy, isn’t it?


I have three skinny kids. So fatten them up with cream. This is the whipped cream that I often use in making creamy sauce. The difference between using cream (cost RM7.50 per 200 ml, expensive!) and UHT milk is very noticeable. Hence, it is always good to spend a bit more if the kids will eat up. Using fresh mushrooms also give the pasta a nicer smell.


You know that all the trouble and costs used in preparing the food is worth it when you see the kids finishing their foods and ask for second helpings.

Simple recipe

Pasta for 2-3 persons (usually about two handfuls or 250 gms) cook according to packaging instruction.

1 box cream

4 mushroom

3 pips garlic

2 pieces ham or 4 slices ham, cut into small pieces

1/2 box water (measure with the cream box)

Olive oil

Heat oil. Stir fry the garlic till soft but not brown. Add in mushroom and ham/bacon and stir for a while. Add in cream and water. Simmer for a while and add in pasta. Flavour with some salt and pepper.

You can add in cheese if you like.

6 Replies to “Cooking for the kids”

  1. Hi Lilian

    Where did you get those cute dinosaurs pasta from? I’ve been searching for kiddies pasta and so far, I’ve only found the alphabet ones.


  2. pour a lil bit of olive oil while you are cooking the pasta and add abit of salt in the water.. helps the pasta not to be too sticky..

    personally i like to make the cream abit cheesy.. 🙂

  3. Rodney – Yeah, the instructions did say that so I lazy to repeat. Thanks for sharing. My toddler is allergic to cheese so I omitted. But putting cheese and cream is super-duper fattening la.

    lin – I bought it from the organic section at Cold Storage Penang. It is rather costly at RM9.90 for 500 gm. Can get 4-5 packets of spaghetti liao. Hahaha, but it is very cute la.

    I also bought the alphabets one but those are really, really tiny like rice grains only. Usually I made soup with them. I would prefer some larger ones but there is none here.

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