Ramadhan – Nasi Bryani Kampung Melayu

This post is for muteaudio who hails from Kampung Melayu, Penang.


The pots of rice are really, really huge. There are so many varieties of rice like nasi minyak, nasi briyani and nasi putih which are accompanied by different types of curries. Business is brisk.


A close up of the nasi briyani. It is cooked with spices and sprinkled with raisins, nuts, peas and fried shallots. Looks very yummy indeed. But I did not eat them so I can comment about the taste.


I prefer the simple taste of the beehoon Singapore. It is rice vermicelli cooked with lots of black pepper and garnished with small shrimps, eggs, soyabean cake and bean sprouts. I had cooked this before but can’t seem to recall the steps. Whether the beehoon was fried or boiled to get its very white appearance.

Selamat berpuasa, mute audio. Hope this helps to bring back memories of Kampung Melayu! There are more photos to come.

9 Replies to “Ramadhan – Nasi Bryani Kampung Melayu”

  1. Arrgghhhh!!!!! Gue lapar! Gambar je? Ini tak adil! Kak, boleh buat delivery ke KL?
    Anyway terima kasih bebanyak for the pics (saya jealous ni, balik pg nanti saya mesti pergi).
    BTW the makcik tu macam kenal je.

  2. muteaudio, tu bukan mak aji cih kiah ka???

    lilian, which part of kg. melayu is this stall at? tringin gak bila tgk your photos….

  3. Athene – Eh, eh, you kenal dia ke? You go to Sunshine Farlim, then terus jalan masuk lorong kecik tu? Sampai kat Kampung Melayu, pasar sana. Bukan main banyak stalls lagi. I prefer this than Tanjong Tokong. I baru pergi hari ni. Pegi beli tapai untuk hubby.

    boo – I feel fat just looking at them! LOL!

    babe – I think with all our photos enticing each other, we are going to put on a few pounds by Raya.

  4. lilian, my granma’s house is behind the two primary schools lar… kampung kita la tu…!

    but this year i can’t do my pasar-ramadan-tour-of-duty la… every day stuck in the bazar-ramadan in carrefour… apa mau buat, mau cari makan…

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