Recipe : Homemade roasted teriyaki chicken

Roasting chicken is really an easy job. If only it is not so messy. I like making roast chicken but dislike the mess of putting the chicken on the skewer and fix it to my microwave oven for grilling. I always assembled the chicken the wrong way 🙂 and had to be skewer and re-skewer.


I remember one Christmas eve where I sweated buckets just to get the leg of lamb firmly skewered. I have this grill and grill cum microwave function in my Moulinex oven. If I skewered the meat well, it will rotates and turns out very nicely done. I use the microwave + grill function to sear the meat on the outside. Then, use the convection oven to slowly roast the meat and finish with grill again.

This chicken was made solely with half a bottle of teriyaki sauce that I bought from the supermarket. One can find teriyaki sauce in most supermarkets.


Just pour half a bottle of teriyaki sauce on the chicken, rub it inside out. Put the chicken into a plastic bag and tightly wrap the chicken. This way, it will ensure that the chicken get the sauce all over.

Leave the chicken at room temperature for an hour or two. Or leave it overnight in the fridge.

Before roasting, stuff some garlic into the chicken cavity. Roast accordingly. Usually, it takes about 45 to 1 hour minutes at 220 deg. C if you are using the normal oven.

I throw some fresh brown mushroom and white onion on the roasting pan to cook slowly. Yummy. The chicken looks super delicious because I baste (i.e. brush the teriyaki sauce during the roasting process) the chicken.

Roasting or grilling foods is a healthier option as most of the oil will drip out during the cooking process. Frankly, it is not hard to season a chicken for roasting. Important thing is to ensure that the chicken is season long enough.

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  1. Athene, so many choices, tak payah masak la. Like my hubby said, give these temporary stall owners some business so that they can make money for their hard work. Good idea, kan? The onion from Australia so tak masak sangat pun manis. And the mushroom just cook but not limp. I throw them in at the end of cooking.

    boo – I usually cook, but most times, I am too lazy to take photos ‘cos in the evening, my pics all not so nice ‘cos light not bright. My kids demanding for western food so I have to do it. Going to make ravioli soon. Watch out!

  2. wow! delicious looking! i’m soooo trying this recipe 🙂
    can i roast pork meat using the same recipe?

  3. I shouldn’t have visited your site while fasting! The chicken looks good and I like your purple plate.

  4. Hi Lilian, I must really thank you for that recipe. I tried it and it was a smashing success! I think this will go into my book of favourite home cooking, one of those easy yet delicious dishes I will cook again and again! I put up a photo of my efforts on my blog, come and check it out hehehe.

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