Roti jala & ayam panggang


Four pieces of this netted bread? (literally translated) cost a mere RM1 which is equivalent to USD25 CENTS! It comes with a packet of nice curry as dip. Roti jala is made from flour, eggs, coconut milk (I am guessing only) which is put into a special ‘cup’ with holes. We pour the batter into the ‘cup’, and let the batter drips over a hot pan. Then, what we get is a netting of very soft and tasty pancake- like roti.

It is normally sold, folded into four. Sometimes, people will use the netted pancake to fill up some potatoes and curry chicken fillings. Very much like a spring roll.


I am not sure what the Malays call this grilled chicken. It is seasoned with tumeric and other spice and grilled over charcoal fire. The wonderful barbeque chicken fragrance wafts through the whole place. So, my kids demanded for some. Each piece, i.e. a quarter chicken cost RM4. A packet of curry which is sweetish and taste of lemongrass was given to us. My kids did not dip the chicken in the curry so I finished the whole bowl of curry! Drank it like soup. 🙂

11 Replies to “Roti jala & ayam panggang”

  1. aiyoh.. sedapnya the grilled chicken…. mana beli?

    btw, roti jala/ roti surai is made with flour, eggs water & milk… tara guna santan… very healthy one woo…. ‘cept if you eat 20 in one sitting 😆

  2. Athene – Semua kat Kampung Melayu flats la. Yakah? I tembak aje ‘cos I malas nak cari recipe.

    Sue – Hahaha, food porn!

  3. 4 pieces of roti jala for RM1?? Isn’t that kinda costly?? I remember that with a pack of 50cents coconut milk, flour, eggs, water, all together hardly cost more than RM7 can make enough roti jala to feed a dozen people. But maybe I’m wrong now…been a long time I check out prices of these stuff in Penang.

  4. wahlau-eh… RM4 one piece!? i tot it was (decade ago, of course) RM2.50 only 😛

    nice photos… how did you do it? keep it up kak lilian 🙂

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