Dried lotus leaves


This is a photo of dried lotus leaves which I bought from the Chinese dried seafood shop. Cost only 70 cents for two pieces.

Anyone cook lotus leaves wrapped food before? Hope to hear some tips before I attempt to make lotus leave wrapped rice. The recipe books and the shopkeeper told me to soak in cold water and then, blanch with hot water. I hope the leaves did not get torn in the process.

I had gotten dried oyster, dried scallops, meat, chestnuts, dried prawns and hope to make a giant ‘chung’ type of rice wrapped in lotus leave.

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  1. After the lotus leaves become soft, brush it with some oil before you wrapped it with the rice which was prepare in advance. All the ingredient sound really yummy, perhaps you could also addsome yam cubes. The fluffy texture of the yam and the savoury of the rice and oyster is just perfect! 🙂

  2. babe – Me too but Flickr won’t upload the photos. Arggh..It was yummy la.

    Amber – Thanks. I usually took 10 photos to get the best one. Haha

    boo – It looks elegant and taste very orientalish.

    Sharon – Thanks a lot to your tips. Otherwise, the leave wud have stick to the rice if there is no oil. It came out marvellously.

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