Red bean (pressure cooked)


I am experimenting with my new WMF pressure cooker (costs RM999 for a 6.5 qt and 3 qt pots) everyday.

Cooking red bean using normal fire and pot can be a chore because it takes a long time to cook and if I did not watch the fire, it can burn easily. Using slow cooker takes an even longer time.

Previously, I had used another cheaper pressure cooker which I ordered from those ‘As seen on TV’ brand. It was terrible because the red beans will dissolve, separating the husks from the beans. The texture then turn errmmm..husky because of the husks.

But I am pleasantly surprised with the WMF. I did not even soak the bean in advance. Just dump them into the pot. Voila, 20 mins later, I got this yummy pot of red beans dessert.

Recipe for red bean dessert – Hong tau sar

300 grams red beans (300 grams yield a LOT, enough for the neighbours)

1 piece orange peel ( I used the candied tangerine version. Prefer the dried mandarin orange peel.)

**10 pieces red dates

**1 big handful of lotus buds (pak hup, which looks like dislodged fingernails!)

Rock sugar to taste.

Fill water to reasonable level. (the trick is to use minimal water so that the beans soaked in the sweetness of the sugar. When serving, only add water to lessen the sweetness. This way, the beans will be very nice and sweet whilst the soup is just right.)

Boil all the above. Add a few leaves of pandan AFTER finish pressure cooking. (otherwise, pandan leaves can leave a bitter taste if overcooked)

** red dates, pak hup are optional

Over at PenangFaces, my earlier food blog you can find dessert of similar nature like the greenbeans (bubur kacang hijau) and black glutinous rice (bee koh moey).

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  1. Hi Lilian, I see you’re having fun with your WMF. Yeah I had a different one before and also a Tefal one and I still favor the WMF and I need to only put at the lowest stove mark for cooking. I tried cooking a whole 7 lb turkey in it too. 30 mins on low but brown the outside first.. use the steamer rack.

  2. babe – Hahaha, I have this habit of throwing whatever I find in my fridge to clear stock. The dates don’t actually make any difference.

    Inevitable – Red beans good for health. Full of protein and good for the heart. Blend it with milk, yum….

    romantic – I am looking forward to try a turkey. Maybe experimenting before Xmas.

    boo – yes, that’s the one item of must-have for your wedding or soemthing. Haha.

  3. looks yummy, saliva dripping… I love the taste of those red beans while chewing it in my mouth. My father used to cook but it took at least 1 hours…

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