Deepavali Sweets – Pt 2


I am simply in love with Indian sweets or traditional goodies for Deepavali! I used to be very wary of eating them because they usually smell too strong for my liking. I am not used to eat sweet stuffs with smells like cardamon, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, fennels and etc. I relate the spicy smell to curries and when it comes in the form of sweets, it is just outlandish to my Chinese tongue! Hahaha.

But last Saturday, we went to these few traditional Indian cakes/sweets shop and bought a piece of everything. There are three shops that seem more upmarket than the usual roadside stalls.

The prices of course is more expensive as one tiny piece about the size of a small matchbox is about RM1.50 to RM2.00. But they are really tasty.


I was so fascinated with all the different types of cakes/sweets and asked the shopowner to allow me to open up the glass panel and took macro shots of the sweets. These kind gentlemen from NR Century Sweet Shop in Little India happily obliged. So, if you want to be a little adventurous and try out the various traditional goodies for Deepavali, head over to NR Century. (sounds like car battery brand eh?)


This is a tiny apple look-alike sweet made of grounded cashew nut, sugar and lots of milk. It gave me a sugar high all day that I did not even have to eat lunch in Taiping on that day.

I wish I can remember the names of the different types of goodies but unfortunately none. One of them taste super delicious because it has this ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture of pulled sugar with strong scents of butters (probably ghee) and creamy milk. It comes in squarish blocks.

All the above are certainly not for diabetics. They are super sweet and creamy. Considering that it is a once-a-year goodies, I will forget about my plan to lose weight. Some of these are imported stuffs from India, I heard.


Another great snack. The murukku! But I shall give this a pass. It is very addictive and once you pop some into your mouth, you can’t stop. So I avoid buying altogether.

To all Hindu friends and readers – Happy Deepavali!

3 Replies to “Deepavali Sweets – Pt 2”

  1. Wow! That apple looks so good. It reminds me of marzipan. I am interested in the Muntri Cake, what is that? I definitely did not see that in Klang or Brickfields.

  2. boo – I think it is almost marzipan. Except I never ate marzipan but read about it.

    The Muntri cake has fig, cashew, pistachio in the middle and sugar on the outside. Looks very colourful

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