Prawns, prawns and more prawns – Kuala Sepetang


‘Kam Heong prawns’

Am I glad that I cajoled my husband to drive around this tiny fishing village near Taiping for a few times! Kuala Sepetang is really a typical Chinese fishing village with tiny roads, salted fishes drying out in the sun, four children riding on motorbikes without helmets, busy fishermen and errrm…smells of fishes.

I found out from a TV3 travel show that Kuala Sepetang is famous for its mee banjir or prawn noodles. So, we took an hour drive to Taiping for some outdoor activities and the mee banjir.

Unfortunately, the mee stall is not opened during the Ramadhan month. We were rather lost on where to eat. So, I cajoled my husband to go round and round the little village to spot which place offers seafood.

I spotted this ‘Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai’ which looks quite fun as it is perched on the river side.


Oyster mee with only oysters and noodle plus some leeks.

A camera crew was filming some Chinese video at the shop and there was a lot of buzz because the whole village was crowding around the actor (a small, cute boy). We were sort of sucked into the ‘touristy’ mood and bought one kilogramme of freshly caught large prawns! So cheap at only RM24 per kilogramme.


Live mantis prawns steamed with soya sauce

This steam live mantis prawns are so, so fresh and sweet. It costs only RM2 per prawn! They are steamed with only some soya sauce and Chinese wine. No ginger nor garlic needed. There is a bigger version which costs RM22 per prawn. It is about the size of a small slipper lobster.


Baked salted crab.

Earlier, we went to a swamp eco-educational jungle (will blog that separately) and saw so many crabs hole in the mud. So, we definitely must try out the mudcrabs. These crabs are the freshest I have tasted. It has huge claws filled with solid, meaty flesh and tasted so sweet. The restaurant has taken a long time to bake these crabs and there isn’t any watery parts left in the crab. (I hate juices oozing out when peeling crabs. Messy, right?)

From now onwards, we will keep Kuala Sepetang as our stopover whenever we travel. Definitely worth the trouble to make a short detour to this fishing village for the freshest seafood, friendly people and the costs we saved in buying the fishermen’s daily catch is worth the toll fee from Penang to Ipoh.

Kuala Sepetang is about 15KM (?) from Taiping.

10 Replies to “Prawns, prawns and more prawns – Kuala Sepetang”

  1. Wah! RM2 per mantis prawn is dirt cheap for one that size! That oyster mee piqued my interest…never seen anything like that before!

  2. Sue – The oyster noodle is not a common item ‘cos many people can’t get it right. It has a whitish (unlike the dark soya sauce common sauce found in Hokkien fried noodle) sauce with just oysters.

    WuChing – Too bad, I only get resurrected, as me. But if you ever come by Penang, I sure don’t mind ‘chia’ (treat) you to a meal. Now, I wonder if I should publish my next posting. Homemade ravioli with spinach and cheese!

  3. Yums! I am hungry for those prawns plus that oyster mee. We get oyster mee in Klang but it’s done with Hokkien black noodles. I WANT THE RAVIOLI!!! Hmmmm, must visit Lilian in Penang soon….

  4. Boo.. we have oyster mee in Klang? Where abt ?

    lilian, K. Sepetang is indeed good place for seafood. used to fo there every quarterly to fish and then makan with my fisherman friend. Imagine earning RM400.00 daily from Cockles alone. Mana not rich ?

  5. The Kam Heong prawns look yummy. I suppose they’re non-halal, ya? (considering that the preparation/ingredient for other dishes may contain wine).

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