Recipe : Tumeric fried (grilled) chicken

One of the tastiest dishes from Malay foods stalls is the fried chicken. The Malay version is different from the Indian Muslims as it is less spicy, not reddish or coated with flour.


Half-cooked chicken ready for grilling.

However, there aren’t many stalls selling the simple, yet tasty version. So far, the best one is from the Kelawei Fish Head curry stall.

Therefore, I made my own. Instead of frying, I normally grill the chicken as it is much healthier as the oil will ooze out after grilling.



6 pieces chicken (preferably thighs)

2 tablespoon tumeric powder

1/2 tablespoon cummin powder

1/2 tablespoon fennel powder

1 tablespoon salt (reduce quantity if you prefer less salty)

1/2 teaspoon white pepper


Season chicken and leave overnight in the fridge.


If you have spices like fennel, cummin, cardamons etc, put some in to flavour the oil. Otherwise, just forget it. Heat oil and fry chicken until cooked. Tips : Heat oil till bubbling, add chicken to sear for a while. Lower heat and slowly fry for about 30 minutes. Take chicken out of the oil. Heat oil again by turning up fire. When bubbling, add chicken again. This will ensure that chicken pieces aren’t clogged with oil. Remove and soak up oil with paper serviette.


To grill chicken, I usually use the grill cum microwave mode and sear chicken for 10 minutes on high. This will seal in the juices.

Then, use the bake (convection MINUS microwave) mode and roast for 20 minutes around 200 deg. C.

To finish, grill chicken with grill mode (no more microwave) for another 10 minutes. Watch closely to see that chicken is not over-browned/burnt.

The chicken pieces that had been cooked, disappear real fast, so fast that I did not manage to snap the photos.

Another roast teriyaki chicken recipe can be found here.

If any of you have your family recipe to prepare Malay-style fried chicken, please do share. I use very basic spices because my children do not like strong smell of spices.

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  1. Mrs. B – Oops, there are two methods. One is for frying, as not everyone has an oven with grill. As for grill + bake, it is to sear the outer layer but allow time to slowly roast using bake mode. On grills, it tends to burnt the outer layer too much, leaving the inside still moist. The second grilling is to really get the chicken skin to crackle.

    JeremyC – Tenkiu. 🙂

    WuChing – You are most welcome!

  2. Yum! I love turmeric fried chicken! drool drool

    How much oil should I use for frying? And why fry again after half an hour? Does the chicken take so long to cook? Sorry, just a beginner so asking silly questions… ^_^;


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