Ikan & sotong panggang (grilled squid and stingray)


This is possibly the best panggang ‘kum heong’ sotong. It is neither too burnt nor too moist. What goes into this grilled squids are lots of dried prawns, chillies, lime juices, shallots, curry leaves and some other secret ingredients. The stall grill (or rather fry) the squids on a banana leaves, giving it an extra aroma.


Next, the panggang stingray. Stingray is grilled in a mixture of tumeric and spices. Then, dipped into the special sauce made of lime juice, chilies, prawn paste and shallots.

We can easily get foods like these from the neighbourhood. If you are in Penang, you do not need to travel far to get nice and cheap seafoods like these. These are bought from a coffee shop in Jalan Boundary (turning into Rifle Range). From East Coast Seafood.

Am I glad to be a Penangite! (Sorry, guys and gals from overseas, you need to drool until you return home to Malaysia.)

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  1. Hi All,

    Anyone can share the recipe for the sotong panggang please ….. make my mouth watery when I look at the picture.

  2. Lilian, you can’t rate this the most drooling one if you haven’t try the ikan bakar at paya terubong. They have the evilness in their sauce. Spciy, hot! Besides, the rstaurant also offer their home made fish balls in herbal soup (claypot). Oh nice fragrance! Their fried taofu also not bad.

    There are 2 restaurants which is near to each other. You must clever enough to pick the best one – which is bsides the tyre shop.

    If you interested to try, then will reply you the location 🙂

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