Ipoh – Shiny chicken and juicy beansprout

I just realised I made a blunder. I read about Ipoh Famous Beansprouts and Chicken on Loopy Meals. James, the blog owner ate at Lou Wong and since, I wanted to try something he mentioned, I was supposed to go to Ong Kee. But, oops, I ended up sucked into the ‘brighter, bigger crowd, bigger shop – so it must be the best’ theory.


Firstly, I haven’t been to Ipoh for something like 10 years. My sister used to stay there and we frequented Ipoh until she moved away. So, I am a little disappointed last night when I found Ipoh town to be deserted. I wonder why? The rows and rows of shophouses were all closed. The wide, organised roads have no cars at all. This is so unlike the old Ipoh I knew.

However, there are plenty of hotels there. And they even have high rise apartment buildings! Wow, this is something new to me. The highest structures around used to be the limestone hills. 🙂

Anyway, back to the chicken and beansprouts. It was during dinner time that we passed by Ipoh. I had to whine my way through to get my dear hubby to drive into Ipoh town. He will usually only go to the outskirts where the bigger shopping malls are. Never the town because he hates going through one way-street labyrinths.

But I kept telling him about James’s blog on Ipoh famous chicken and beansprouts, from KL right up to Ipoh! So, he unwillingly acceded. Lucky my kids were sleeping or else they will prostest turning into Ipoh for the sake of chicken.


Since James had written all about the taste of the chicken, just go over to James’s blog. He is a much better writer than me where describing food taste is concerned.

My personal experience – It is fun to drive into Ipoh, through the labyrinths and traffic lights that have cameras everywhere, searching for the Telekom tower. James mentioned Super Kinta and I know the Telekom tower is located there. We got lost and ended up going out of Ipoh the first time. Not wanting to give up, I say a little prayer. Hahaha, I was desperate because I know my dear hubby was going to hrrrmpphhh to me for wasting 15 minutes of his travelling time.

Thank God, the second time we tried, my hubby saw the Ong Kee sign from a distance. And there we were. In the middle of Ong Kee, Onn Kee, Hup Kee, Yew Kee, many other Kees restaurants along the same stretch.

Lou Wong had the biggest crowds so we decided to take the ‘safe route’. Portion is big, price is cheap. The beansprouts were crunchy and sweet. The balls were delicious. The chicken tasted like errm…chicken!

But the drinks were definitely good. Home-brewed barley with corn, longan and many others. Only RM1 per glass. I drank two glasses of barley boiled with corn. Nice!

The next time you pass by Ipoh, do enjoy going through the one-way streets and hope to stumble upon the chicken shops street. They are located along the Jalan Yau Tet Sin road junction.

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  1. no doubt lou wong has got more patrons than onn kee.. but onn kee is best known for the locals and their chicken n bean sprouts definitely tastes better…

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