Traditional funeral wreath and flower shop


Sometimes, I really go out of my way to find something different to share with readers. It is rather fun trying to guess what would be interesting to readers from overseas.

So, I finally found something that is getting rarer on the local scene. A funeral wreath! Hahaha, do you notice that I did not even put my URL on the above photo? I don’t want to be jinxed having my name/URL on a funeral wreath picture.

Nowadays, people favours modern florists who created modern designs for funerals. But this one on the photo is the traditional one. It uses some leaves and flowers whose names I do not know. Too bad I forgot to ask the shopowner how much this wreath cost. (touch wood!)


These flower shops run by Indian owners usually sell flowers meant for worshipping the Taoists and Hindus gods. The most favoured flower is the chrysanthemums. Besides flowers, these shops sell joss-sticks, incense (kemayan), prayer oil and other prayers paraphernalias. Business is brisk all year round because these row of shops are located next to the Pitt Street Guan Yin’s temple.

Those flowers that look like flower necklaces are bought by the Hindus for their Hindu gods. It takes skill to string these flowers into a nice chain like that.


I did explain to the shop owners why I am taking the photos and asked for their permission. I told them that I am sharing the photos on the internet. Therefore, they allowed me to browse through the place. I even sniffed these little white flowers to see what is the fragrance like. They told me these are jasmines.

It has been fun maintaining this blog because nowadays, I go out with a tourist eye and sniff my way through alleys and small lanes to find something new to take photos. Just yesterday, I had taken almost 400 photos of various places and foods.

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2 thoughts on “Traditional funeral wreath and flower shop

    Wu Ching

    (November 29, 2005 - 4:21 pm)

    how do u ask permission to take photos? ppl here r paranoic about taking pic, stupid angmoh! lots os macam macam one!


    (November 30, 2005 - 12:32 pm)

    wuching – I think they are paranoid of non-Caucasians? Hahaha, I haven’t seen your face, so I imagine you possess some menacing looks? As for us here, digital cameras and the craze of taking photos are new. Usually, they will ask me if I am from the press. I normally act serious and told me, I am doing these (stories) for the internet. Kahkahkah, very official sounding when you say ‘internet’ to our folks here.

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