Dragon-i, Cititel, Midvalley


Doing food reviews from restaurant is a tricky business. Our tastes differ and hence, one can get utterly confused reading two opposing reviews sometimes.

Well, I am so glad to Google for ‘Dragon-i restaurant’ and found, yippee! Boo_licious’s fantastic review. Saves me from repeating the whole process of the ambience, service and foods taste.

In short, we spent about RM140 (can’t remember the exact figure) and came out feeling like we had just have appetisers. (Two hours later, we ate Malay rice at the Sungai Buloh rest-stop!) They charged us RM5++ (RM1 per packet) for the cologne towels but gave us only three. We asked for the other two, to satisfy the fighting kids but after asking from three waitresses/waiter, none bother to do so. It left a bad taste in my mouth because it is not easy to please fighting kids who wanted to pop the plastic packets! And I hate to appear like I am being calculative in wanting to get my money back! So, we paid RM5++ for the towels and ended up with 4 dissatisfied kids.

The restaurant was so packed and hence, 6 of us had to squeeze into a table for four. With all the huge bowls, cutleries and what-nots, I practically had no chance of taking photos of the noodles.


Never mind, Masak-masak had written about them. All I had left is this plate of drunken chicken! It costs RM14++ and probably is the portion of a chicken rice portion, like one drumstick so much. A plain lai mian costs RM8++ which has absolutely nothing but noodle in plain soup. And my fried seafood lai mian which costs RM16++ has NO prawns except a few tiny shrimps parts (not even a complete prawn). But the spare ribs is good.

I do not mind paying these prices if the waitresses have not been so ‘vigilant’. They made me nervous. Not in topping up drinks or other services but to see that none of my kids break their bowls. *sheesh* The bowls were already chipped, goodness sake! They sort of rush to push away the ceramic spoons in a brash manner, giving my poor toddler a shock!

Too bad, I really like the place with its ambience (minus the crowds, of course). And the noodles are tasty. The soup is nice too. The siu loong bao really pop in your mouth with its soup.

But I got the same kind of service like those regular, low price Hongkong restaurants.

BTW, can anyone tell me what/who is that guy holding the Guiness Book of World Records? What record is that? All the posters were in Mandarin so I wonder what they are promoting. Longest handmade noodle?

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6 thoughts on “Dragon-i, Cititel, Midvalley


    (December 2, 2005 - 12:26 pm)

    so now they give those wet tissues? so ex! usually i ask them dun gip and remember to deduct from the bill cos i always carry a pack of wet tissues wid me.

    sorry u had a bad experience but next time u must try the scallops wid egg whites. very nice one leh. i did review it sometime back too.


    (December 2, 2005 - 7:09 pm)

    if thats the service they give, i may forgo that place.


    (December 3, 2005 - 10:07 pm)

    been there once. my oppinion is the food is lousy and ain’t worth that price. oh yeah, the service is below par. won’t return, blacklisted.


    (December 5, 2005 - 6:45 pm)

    the place sucks… never going back there again

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