Views from the Penang Hill


One zany afternoon, we decided to go up the Penang Hill. If you are local, you usually do not fancy going up the hill. The place is more for outstation travellers and tourists.

I shall post more photos of the journey up the hill, the train and etc in another post. The ride is almost the same as the one in Victoria’s Peak in Hongkong. The difference is the one in Victoria’s Peak is more luxurious, expensive and there are lots of attractions up The Peak like the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum, world-renowned Madame Tussauds wax portraits museum and etc.

For Penang Hill, there is only one attraction – nature. And almost nothing much. 🙁


It was a misty day when we went there as it had rained in the morning. However, the view of Georgetown is quite clear from Penang Hill. This photo is taken with digital zoom. The sea separates the island from the mainland. Those hilly terrains are on the mainland. The yellow crane structures are the Penang port in Butterworth.


The other side of Penang with Penang Bridge in the distance. This area is densely populated.


I use 2,240 pixels resolution for my photos. When I cropped the photos, I found that I can even see my own apartments in the picture. Cool! The two red arrows are pointing to the block of apartments where I stayed and also the Penang State Mosque.

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3 thoughts on “Views from the Penang Hill


    (December 5, 2005 - 4:26 pm)

    Hua… so clear leh.

    Hey i used to study in the primary school outside your apartment leh…
    and i think i got one relative live there oso :> but forgot which blog liao :p

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