Western Food is a treat here

Over here in Malaysia, the mention of Western Food is probably something special like Chinese/Thai/Indian Foods is to the Westerners. Eating food the westerners eat is not our regular diet.

We eat rice with dishes. We rarely eat bread, potatoes, meats and vegetables the way westerners eat.


Economical Western Food
usually means a main dish of meat/fish, some vegetable, green salad, a bun and some french fries. I said economical because these stalls are every where. They do not have air-conditioned restaurants but mere tables and chairs by the roadside.

Cost is cheap. For e.g. the above plate of stuffed fish is only RM9. It is two pieces of fish fillet stuffed with cheese and ham and fried with breadcrumbs.


This hawker stall located in Fettes Park is known to most Penangites. Fettes Park is famous for Western Food probably because the Royal Australian Airforce used to have a base here in Penang. Therefore, many local Chinese learnt western cooking while working at the bases. During the day, the same hawker stall sells Fatty Loh Chicken Rice (claimed to be the one and only).


If you patronise this hawker stall at night, don’t forget to eat the chapati with mutton curry. It has the best mutton curry. The char koay teow is also very nice with huge prawns.

There is another Western Food stall along the Mount Erskine Road. It is located at a Chinese temple. This stall has better tasting sauce than Fettes Park stall featured above. However, the crowd is huge and one has to stand and grab the seats. Moreover, the place is always so dark.

Personally, I don’t fancy western foods except for an occasional steak, done medium rare. For such meals, I wouldn’t risk eating from roadside stalls and wouldn’t mind paying higher price in proper restaurants which I hope are more hygenic and serves better quality steaks.

But Western Food stalls like these roadside hawkers do dish up great chicken chops and fish and chips, cheap too.

Check out Glutton-Island for lots of Western Food photos.

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    (December 5, 2005 - 11:43 am)

    i’m sick of western food!

    Glutton Rabbit

    (December 6, 2005 - 9:27 pm)

    Hi Lilian! My! that first photo look so yummies. I hadn’t tried the Mt. Erskine one yet. Maybe some day. BTW, thanks for the link ; )

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